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You are viewing a “brochure page” for a specific WSU affiliated program. Use the information and links below to learn more about this program, please note that links may take you to external websites.

To start a WSU application in MyStudyAbroad for this program, click the “Apply Now” button. Tips:

· Only begin an application when you have determined the program you wish to pursue.

· No application fee for simply starting an application! The Global Learning Application fee is charged only once you are committed to your program and the application deadline has passed.

· Depending on your program type you may have a non-WSU application to complete as well.

Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
GPA Requirement: 2.5 Click here for a definition of this term Language of Instruction: English Only
Click here for a definition of this term Language Interest: English Click here for a definition of this term Academic Focus: Business and Economics
Program Type: Faculty-led Additional Info/Reqs: Attendance at all Pre-Departure Meetings & Orientations is Mandatory
Program Description:



Brig Castle
Don't let the name fool you! This is spring semester, but it will be peak winter time in Switzerland while you are there.

Attend an info session! Thursday, August 29, 2019 and Monday Sep. 23, 2019 at 4:15 pm and Thursday October 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm. All sessions will be in Todd 121!

The Switzerland program is perfect for certified majors and minors in the WSU Carson College of Business. Students who are certified in other majors at WSU and interested in receiving an IBUS minor are encouraged to apply.

The program is located at the Cesar Ritz Colleges (CRC) in Brig, which lies in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The immediate surroundings of the town offer unequaled beauty and opportunities to relax, whether hiking in the spring or skiing in the winter. CRC is housed in a college building with facilities of a modern campus.

Faculty members from WSU and CRC will provide course instruction in English. WSU students and students from CRC will take classes together.

This program will include an excursion to Prague, Czech Republic, during the 3-day break from CRC classes.

WSU Sponsoring Unit: Carson College of Business

External Partner: Cesar Ritz Colleges
Program Dates: 
January 6th - March 20, 2020  (Students need to arrive on January 5th, 2020 as the program begins on January 6, 2020).
Program Eligibility Requirements:
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application.
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of the program.
  • Be in good academic standing at WSU.
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Be a current WSU student (matriculating or non-degree seeking).
  • Program Specific Eligibility:
    • Certified in any WSU major.
    • All pre-requisites for courses on the program are fulfilled prior to departure
Please Note: a minimum number of participants is needed for this program.


Cost Information

Total Program Cost Estimate: $24,203 In-State, $31,492 Out-of-State

Program costs are categorized as those billed by WSU (Fixed Expenses) and those not billed by WSU (Estimated Additional Expenses).  A breakdown of these costs can be found below. For payment due dates please scroll to the “Billing Schedule”.

Fixed Expenses Billed by WSU

Participation Expense* $12,408
WSU Tuition: In-State

Global Learning Application Fee $200
International Insurance Fee $150
     Total Paid to WSU: In-State



 *Participation Expense includes excursions, accommodations, 2 meals a day Monday - Friday and program related in-country travel.

Estimated Additional Expenses*

Personal Expenses       $4,100
International Airfare $1,900
Books and Supplies $50
U.S. Passport** $140
Visa** N/A
     Total Estimated Additional Expenses $6,190

*All additional costs are ESTIMATED and may vary. These costs are not billed by WSU and are the sole responsibility of the participant.
**Please see the “Destination” tab for additional passport and visa information.

Billing Schedule:

This billing schedule is for the Fixed Expenses billed by WSU only and does not include Estimated Additional Expenses that are the responsibility of the participant.

Financially Responsible as of: Oct 15, 2019
Program Fee Date Billed Date Due
 Participation Expense 1st Payment  $1,000 Oct 28, 2019
Nov 1, 2019
 Application Fee  $200
 International Insurance  $150
 Participation Expense 2nd Payment  $11,408 Nov 22, 2018
 WSU Tuition- 12 credits    In-State: $5,255 
Out-of-State: $12,544 
Refund Policy: Participants are responsible for the Fixed Expenses of the program once they have committed to the program application and the application deadline has passed.

Financial Aid Disbursement Alert: Participants eligible for financial aid can use aid toward this program. Please note that per federal regulations, financial aid is released on the first day of the regular WSU semester, or ten days prior to the participant’s program start date, whichever is LATER. Program payment due dates may be before aid is released.  Participants must budget accordingly.




Brig_BrigThis is a 12 credit program.

WSU Courses:  
  • FIN 325 (3 credits)
  • HBM 381 (3 credits)
  • HBM 491 (3 credits)
  • HBM 495 (3 credits)
  • HBM 496 (3 credits)
  • IBUS 380 (3 credits)
  • IBUS 496 (3 credits)
  • MGMT 301 (3 credits)
  • MGMT 450 (3 credits)
  • MKTG 360 (3 credits)
Non-WSU Courses:
  • ECONS 305 (3 credits)
  • ENGL 402 (3 credits)
  • HBM 494 (3 credits)
  • IBUS 435 (3 credits)
  • PSYCH 350 (3 credits)
Course Pre-requisites:
  • Check the WSU catalog or consult your academic advisor for any pre-requisites.
Grades and GPA:

All courses will calculate into student’s WSU cumulative GPA unless noted as a “Non-WSU Course”.

Non-WSU Courses:
  • Will not calculate into student’s cumulative WSU GPA, but will factor into Major and Minor GPA.
  • Courses and grades will appear on MyWSU and WSU transcript.
  • These have a non WSU transcript provided.   Participants should anticipate transcripts taking up to six months to arrive at WSU.



Faculty-led Orientations

All faculty-led participants are required to attend the orientation sessions listed below prior to departure.  Participants will be notified regarding the date and times for those orientations which are not noted as being online after the program has been officially confirmed.
  • Faculty-Led and Financial Planning: This is an online training that is a required application component that provides additional details on the application process, costs of the program, billing, financial aid, and other relevant information. This training is accessible once an application is started.
  • Global Learning Pre-Departure Orientation: There is an online session that participants will have access to in the final stages of their Global Learning application.  Additionally, there is an in person country specific mandatory component.
  • Faculty Directed Orientation: These take place over multiple sessions and will be planned by the program faculty director.


Destination Details

Site Descriptions

world_switzerlandBrig, Switzerland is located in central Europe. The city of Brig, lies in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The majority of the program will be held in the WSU International Center, a part of Cesar Ritz's scenic, but modern campus.
  • Language: German, French, Italian and Romansch all are considered national languages in Switzerland. In Brig, a Swiss dialect of German is primarily spoken.
  • Currency: Swiss Franc (Compare to U.S. Dollars)
  • City Size: Brig and its surrounding municipalities total 12,823 people. (Swiss Federal Statistics Office).
  • Weather: Brig is popular among winter sport athletes, since it is surrounded by many Alp summits.  The temperatures in winter remain around zero, with summer staying rather warm.

Accommodation Information

Students will stay at the Cesar Ritz Dorms while on the program. These will either be single or double occupancy depending on program numbers and availability in Brig. The standard accommodation is a single room.

Lunch and dinner Monday - Friday are included in the program fee at CRC student facilities. An estimated food budget is included in the "Estimated Expenses," but students will need to find meals for weekends, breakfasts, and any meals not eaten in the student facilities on campus M-F.

Amenities like internet access, linens and dorm furniture are provided by CRC.

During the planned excursion, hotels with double occupancy rooms will be used. It is possible that during these days, students will be responsible for a few meals. 

Students on this program will have to adhere to CRC dress codes. This includes the use of business style clothing while going to class and school activities, as well as maintaining neat hairstyles and general appearances. For more information on dress and hair standards, please contact CCB or the faculty director.

Passport & Visa Details

It is each participant’s responsibility to acquire a valid passport to travel internationally.
United States citizens can use the links below for information on how and where to apply for a United States passport:
Unless otherwise noted below, it is the responsibility of the participant to determine if a visa is necessary for travel to any foreign countries visited on this program based on their nationality, and to apply for any such visas.  Some visas may require a fee or that applicants travel to the nearest Consulate or Embassy to apply in person.

United States citizens can use the link below to determine if a visa is required for the destination and how to acquire the necessary visa. 
  • United States Department of State
  • Switzerland does not require a visa for US citizens staying under 90 days, however, if you stay after the program is over, you will need to secure a visa. (As of 8.2015)
    • Please Note: Information presented here may change, regardless of what is stated here YOU are responsible for ensuring you have any required visa and for any visa costs.
Non-United States citizens are required to meet with the Global Services Department for United States entry and exit requirements.  Check visa requirements for your host country/countries based on your country of citizenship.



How to Apply

Before the Deadline:
  • Please Note: There is no application fee for starting an application.
  1. Click "Apply Now" to begin an application.  You will be in "Application Phase." Complete the application materials:
  • Signature Documents
  • Questionnaires
  • Material Submissions (Electronic and/or Physical)
  • In-Person Meetings (if applicable)
Please Note: Items which say “NOT Required by Deadline” can be submitted after the deadline but are due before you depart to go abroad.
  1. Once all materials have been completed, your application will be moved to either the “pending” or “accepted” phase. 
  • “Accepted” Phase: your application has met all Global Learning and program specific requirements and you have been accepted to the program, conditional on whether or not you commit by the deadline.
  • “Pending” Phase: your application has met all Global Learning and program specific requirements, and your application is being reviewed before your participation is accepted.  After review, if you are accepted your application will move to the “Accepted” phase.
  1. Commit to the program: Once in the “accepted” phase, you will see a box appear asking you to “Commit” or “Decline” your participation on the program. 
  • If you click “Commit”: you have committed to participate in your program and accept all responsibilities associated with commitment.
  • If you click “Decline”: your application will be withdrawn.
After the Deadline:
  1. After you commit and are in "Committed phase", complete:
  • Required orientations (see “Orientation” tab for more information)
  • Remaining or new applications items (questionnaires or material items) which were not due before the deadline.
  • Any requested material items specific to your program.
  1. Prepare to Depart!
  • Apply for a visa (if required)
  • Buy airfare (if not included in your program)
  • Complete all pre-departure orientation requirements
  • Start packing!


How to Fund Your Program

Financial Planning: Know Your Budget!
  1. Review the costs and payment due dates of this program carefully
  2. Financial Aid recipients should speak with Student Financial Services
  3. Review your Faculty-Led and Financial Planning (FLFP) training (see orientations tab)
  4. Discuss fees and expenses with any financial contributors (i.e. spouse, parents, guardians)
  5. Know what funds you have to spend before and during the program
  6. Create your budget
  7. Explore additional financing (scholarships, funding sources, etc.)
Explore Scholarships: Community Resources:
Consider asking your home or college community groups and organizations about additional funding resources. Groups may include:
  • Rotary International, Kiwanis, Sorority or Fraternity or Religious Organizations
  • Private Businesses
  • Online Fundraising


Contact Information

Mt. Cougar Flag
Faculty Director: 
Jessica Cassleman 
Carson College of Business
(509) 335-1246

CCB International Study Abroad Coordinator:
Courtney A Jackson

Global Learning Department:
(509) 335-6204

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year WSU App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2020 10/15/2019 ** Rolling Admission 01/06/2020 03/20/2020

** WSU's application deadline may be different than the application deadline for the study abroad program provider or exchange partner. If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday it will be extended to the next business day.