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WSU Global Learning is offering study abroad programs during the fall term of 2021. We are closely monitoring the ongoing prevalence of COVID-19 cases in all countries to which our students are hoping to travel. We will be making final decisions about program travel on an individual program basis and at the time that makes the most sense for that program. No application fees or charges will be placed on student accounts until it is decided that the program will very likely take place. If, after a decision is made regarding the fall programming, a destination should have a spike in cases or a new variant that poses a serious threat emerges, students could be recalled based on warning levels set by the US Department of State or the Center for Disease Control.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are required (with very limited exceptions) for those planning to study abroad due to the likelihood of being required to have a vaccine to fly, enter another country, and/or avoid long quarantines and limited mobility upon arrival in the destination country.  WSU resources regarding COVID 19 Vaccinations can be found here.
Questions on this can be emailed to
Not ready to travel yet? Take advantage of our virtual options such as the Global Coug Digital Badges.