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You are viewing a “brochure page” for a specific WSU affiliated program. Use the information and links below to learn more about this program, please note that links may take you to external websites.

To start a WSU application in MyStudyAbroad for this program, click the “Apply Now” button. Tips:

· Only begin an application when you have determined the program you wish to pursue.

· No application fee for simply starting an application! The Global Learning Application fee is charged only once you are committed to your program and the application deadline has passed.

· Depending on your program type you may have a non-WSU application to complete as well.

Fact Sheet:
GPA Requirement: 3.0 Language of Instruction: English & Foreign Language
Language Interest: Danish Academic Focus: Agricultural Sciences, Animal/Veterinary Science, Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Architecture, Business and Economics, Communication, Computer Technologies, Environmental Science, Fine Arts, Art History, Food & Nutritional Sciences, History, Literature, Philosophy, Horticulture, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Political Science, Sport and Fitness
Program Type: Exchange Type of Exchange: WSU Bilateral Exchange
Program Description:



Ex - U Cope, Title

The University of Copenhagen is Denmark's largest institution, welcoming about 39,000 students each year, including more than 1,300 international students.  Located in the capital city of Denmark, students have access to a myriad of cafes, museums, historical sights, and cultural attractions.  The University has an urban, decentralized campus built into the fabric of the city, and is an ideal location for students who seek greater independence and cultural immersion.  With six faculties (Health and Medical Sciences, Humanaties, Law, Science, Social Science, and Theology), students can select coures from a wide array of academic disciplines.

Exchange Dates:
  • Academic Year:  August - June
  • Fall Term:  August - January
  • Spring Term:  February - June
Exchange Eligibility Requirements:
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application.
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of the exchange.
  • Be in good academic standing at WSU.
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Be a current WSU student (matriculating or non-degree seeking).
  • Have completed 1 year of university study.
Please Note: a maximum number of nominations may be available for this exchange.


Cost Information

Exchange Cost Estimates:

Exchange costs are categorized as those billed by WSU (Fixed Expenses) and those not billed by WSU (Estimated Additional Expenses). A breakdown of these costs can be found below. To determine the cost estimate for your desired term click the button below to jump to this specific cost estimate. Please keep in mind that while every attempt is made to ensure all costs identified below are accurate some variability does exist and exact numbers may not be possible for all expenses.

Academic Year
Spring or Fall Semester

Refund Policy:

Participants are responsible for fees associated with the program once they have committed to the exchange application and the application deadline has passed.

Financial Aid Disbursement Alert:

Participants eligible for financial aid can use aid toward this exchange. Please note that per federal regulations, financial aid is released on the first day of the regular WSU semester, or ten days prior to the participant’s program start date, whichever is LATER. Some expenses will be due before aid is released, participants must budget accordingly.

Tuition Rates:

Tuition will vary depending upon the participant's residence status, term selected, and number of credits listed on the host institution transcript at the end of an exchange.  Tuition listed for Academic/Calendar Year and Fall/Spring term exchanges represent 12-18 credits.  During the Summer term tuition is calculated at the same rate for In-State and Out-of-State resident students based on the number of credits earned.  Information regarding tuition for each term and resident status can be found on the WSU Student Financial Services website for Cost of Attendance.


Cost Estimate for Academic Year Exchange

Fixed Expenses Billed By WSU   Estimated Additional Expenses*  
WSU Tuition (In-State) $9,884 Room & Board $10,768
WSU Tuition (Out-of-State) $24,516 Personal Expenses $2,400
Global Learning Application Fee $600 International Airfare $1,575
International Insurance Fee $606 Books and Supplies $730
    U.S. Passport** $140
    Visa** $310
Total Expenses Billed By WSU (In-State) $11,090 Total Estimated Cost of Exchange $15,923
Total Expenses Billed By WSU (Out-of-State) $25,690    
Total Estimated Cost of Academic Year Exchange (In-State):           $27,013
Total Estimated Cost of Academic Year Exchange (Out-of-State):   $41,645

Cost Estimate for a Single Semester Exchange

Fixed Expenses Billed By WSU   Estimated Additional Expenses*  
WSU Tuition (In-State) $4,942 Room & Board $5,384
WSU Tuition (Out-of-State) $12,258 Personal Expenses $1,200
Global Learning Application Fee $300 International Airfare $1,575
International Insurance Fee $306 Books and Supplies $365
    U.S. Passport** $140
    Visa** $310
Total Expenses Billed By WSU (In-State) $5,548 Total Estimated Cost of Exchange $8,974
Total Expenses Billed By WSU (Out-of-State) $12,864    
Total Estimated Cost of Single Semester Exchange (In-State):           $14,522
Total Estimated Cost of Single Semester Exchange (Out-of-State):   $21,838

*All additional costs are ESTIMATED and may vary. These costs are not billed by WSU and are the sole responsibility of the participant.

**Please see the "Destination" tab for additional passport and visa information as these costs and country specific insurance (if applicable) will vary.




University Course Catalog:

Academic Offerings:

Anthropology, Art History, Asian Studies, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Eastern European Studies, Economics, English, Environmental Chemistry, Exercise and Sport Sciences, Food Science, Geography, Geology, History, Humanities, Indian Language & Culture, Law, Medicine, Near Eastern Studies, Neuroscience, Odontology, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and more.


Areas of study closed to ALL exchange students:
Cognition and Communication, Global Development, Security Risk Management
Areas of study closed to WSU exchange students:
Dentistry, Medicine

Within certain fields, few or no courses are offered in English at the undergraduate level.  Some departments are willing to accept students in their senior year at their home institution into University of Copenhagen courses offered at the master's level.  Please note that in certain courses there are a limited number of places for exchange students.

Grades and GPA:

The University of Copenhagen uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), below is an approximate conversion for credits using the ECTS system:

5 ECTS = 2.5 WSU Credits (rounded up to 3)

Grades and credits function differently at institutions around the world. Ensure you are taking at least 12 WSU credits worth of coursework per semester or 6 WSU credits for a summer exchange.

Factors to keep in mind:
  • Grades will not calculate into student’s cumulative WSU GPA, but will factor into Major and Minor GPA’s.
  • Courses and grades will appear on MyWSU and WSU transcript.
  • These have a non WSU transcript provided. Participants should anticipate transcripts taking two to four months to arrive at WSU.



All exchange participants are required to attend the orientation sessions listed below prior to departure. Participants will be notified regarding the date and times for those orientations which are not noted as being online after participation has been confirmed.
  • Global Learning Pre-Departure Orientation: There is an online session that participants will have access to in the final stages of their Global Learning application. Additionally, there is an in person country specific component.

Additional orientations may also be required upon arrival and will be provided by the host institution.

Host Institution Orientation: You will receive additional information and instructions regarding your orientation from the host institution. Orientations and the relevant processes will be unique to the institution.


Destination Details

Site Description

Denmark is a modern welfare state with a population of 5.6 million of which 1.2 million live in the capital of Copenhagen. Denmark is situated in Northern Europe and is part of the Scandinavian countries. The country has more than 7,000 km of coastline, and even if you live in one of the cities, you are never far away from the sea and you have easy access to the beautiful countryside. It is world-famous for modern design, and also known as a green nation with a strong focus on greentech. It is a nation of cyclists. Bikes are an environmentally friendly means of transportation and they offer a cheap way to get around; something much appreciated by students. Designated cycling paths make it easy and convenient for you to get around Copenhagen on your bike.

Denmark is a knowledge based society, dependent on a high level of education where Copenhagen is home to a wide range of institutions of higher education. It is a monarchy, but politically it is a democracy with a multi-party system. All legislative powers are vested in a unicameral parliament which is located right in the heart of Copenhagen. The Danish welfare model is based on the principle that all citizens have equal rights to social security.

Accommodation Information

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (UCPH Housing Foundation) is an independent entity from UCPH and assists international students comping to the University in finding accommodation in Copenhagen.  For more information on the various housing options available, guidelines on how to apply and all practical information regarding your arrival, your stay and also about your departure, please visit the Housing Foundation's own website at

Passport & Visa Details

It is each participant’s responsibility to acquire a valid passport to travel internationally.  United States citizens can use the links below for information on how and where to apply for a United States passport:
Unless otherwise noted below, it is the responsibility of the participant to determine if a visa is necessary for travel to any foreign countries visited on this program based on their nationality, and to apply for any such visas.  Some visas may require a fee or that applicants travel to the nearest Consulate or Embassy to apply in person.

United States citizens can use the link below to determine if a visa is required for the destination and how to acquire the necessary visa. 
  • United States Department of State
  • Denmark does require a visa for U.S. citizens
    • Students should expect to travel to Sacramento, CA, or their nearest Consulate of Denmark to apply in person for their visa.  WSU will provide students with a visa letter to be used in conjunction with their student visa application.
    • Please Note: Information presented here may change, regardless of what is stated here YOU are responsible for ensuring you have any required visa and for any visa costs.
Non-United States citizens are required to meet with the Global Services Department for United States entry and exit requirements.  Check visa requirements for your host country/countries based on your country of citizenship.


How to Apply

Before the Deadline: 
  1. Click the "Apply Now" button at the top of this page.
  • Please Note: There is no application fee for starting an application.
  1. You now have an application and are in the Application Phase. Complete application materials:
  • Signature Documents
  • Questionnaires
  • Material Submissions (Electronic and/or Physical)
  • Online Trainings
  • In-Person Meetings (as applicable)
Nominations are made on a first come-first served basis according to the number of nominations available for each individual exchange.
  1. Once all the materials have been completed, your application will be moved to the Acceptance Phase with a status of "Accepted" or "Pending."
  • “Accepted” Status: your application has met all Global Learning and program specific requirements and you have been accepted by WSU to the program, conditional on whether or not you commit by the deadline. Applicants to this exchange do not exceed the number of nominations available.
  • “Pending” Status: your application has met all Global Learning as well as program specific requirements and nomination restrictions exist preventing determination of your participation. Applicants to this exchange likely exceed the number of nominations available. Participation is conditional on whether or not additional nominations become available by the deadline for this exchange. You will be contacted regarding your interest in this or another exchange opportunity in which you may be interested. In the event you wish to participate in another exchange your application will be shifted to that exchange and moved to "Accepted" provided you have completed all requirements for the new exchange.
  1. Commit to the program: Once in the “Accepted” status, you will see a box appear above "Application Questionnaire(s)" asking you to “Commit” or “Decline” your participation on the exchange.
  • If you click “Commit”: you have committed to participate in your program and accept all responsibilities associated with commitment. DO NOT commit to the exchange if you are unsure if you will participate as nominations are made on a first come-first served basis, and this would remove a placement from another student who wishes to participate.
  • If you click “Decline”: your application will be withdrawn.
After the Deadline:
  1. After committing to the exchange you will be nominated to the partner institution and your status changed to “Nominated.”
  2. After you commit and are in "Nominated" status, complete:
  • Required orientations (see “Orientation” tab for more information)
  • Remaining or new applications items (questionnaires or material items) which were not due before the deadline.
  • Any requested material items specific to your program.
  1. Prepare to Depart!
  • Apply for a visa (if required)
  • Buy airfare (if not included in your program)
  • Start packing!


How to Fund Your Program

Know Your Budget! 
  1. Review the costs and payment due dates of this program carefully
  2. Financial Aid recipients should speak with Student Financial Services
  3. Discuss fees and expenses with any financial contributors (i.e. spouse, parents, guardians)
  4. Know what funds you have to spend before and during the program
  5. Create your budget
  6. Explore additional financing (scholarships, funding sources, etc.)
Explore Scholarships: Community Resources:

Consider asking your home or college community groups and organizations about additional funding resources. Groups may include:
  • Rotary International, Kiwanis, Sorority or Fraternity or Religious Organizations
  • Private Businesses
  • Online Fundraising


Contact Information

Global Learning Department:  Host Institution Website: Additional Resources:

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year WSU App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 10/01/2018 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Academic Year 2019-2020 05/01/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** WSU's application deadline may be different than the application deadline for the study abroad program provider or exchange partner. If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday it will be extended to the next business day.